New Wireless Power Bank
May 04, 2018

Function & parameters:
Plastic shell
Polymer Li batteries
1. Input voltage and current: DC4.3V-5.5V/2A, exceeding this voltage range, alarm will go on and power bank will stop charging.
2. Output voltage: 5V + + 0.1V
3. Output voltage and current: wireless 5V1A, cable 5V2A
4. Power: maximum can reach 5W.
5. Conversion efficiency: > 73%.
6. Transmission distance: maximum 10mm, and the recommended sending and receiving interval is 2mm-4mm.
7. Standby power consumption: average power consumption is less than 50mW.
8. Over temperature protection: when charging temperature is above 60°, power bank automatically stop charging for 1 minute, when temperature drops down, it will recharge.
9. Overcurrent protection: when charging, the output current is greater than 1.5a, power bank will automatically stop charging and prevent damage to the charger.
10. Implementing standard: Qi wireless charging standard.
11. Product certification: CE/FCC, compatible with Qi certification standards.
12. Product specifications: 135*73*18.6mm.
13.Weight: 0.35kg5284355522_94575433.jpg5287387467_94575433.jpg