Bug, Insects , Mosquito Lure And Killer
Mar 26, 2018

Material: Durable engineering plastic Approximately 42cm tall

Dimension:13.5 x 13.5 x 42 cm Solar panel:2V/100MA (included)

 It is Recharged  and will be tranforming solar energy into electricity during day .

The LED used on this item produces 360-400mm rays which  attract mosquitoes around to get close to the light .

When mosquitoes fly close to the light source, they will be kill by the grids which are  full of electric current.

With summer holiday is approaching , lots of families choose to  spend their holidays outdoor ,  they either go to a beach or enter for camp activities , or travel abroad , insects and mosquitos are hard to avoid sometime regarding thier annoying characteristics .  

Now this product would be a wonderful outdoor tool in summer days , for your wonderful summer holiday camp and  'big sell 'this season  , contact us now .Mosquito zapper with solar panel.jpgsolar powered mosquito insects  lure killer.jpgMosquito killer zapper with solar panel.jpg