Blue Night Boat Attract Squid Fish 180 LED Underwater Fishing Light
Jan 27, 2018


12V Blue Night Boat Attract Squid Fish 180 LED Underwater Fishing Light  Specifications:


Model No.LF-FSL-8W
LED Power8W
Luminous EfficiencyWhite 100lm/w & Green: 75lm/w; Blue: 20 lm/w
Luminous FluxWhite: 800lm  Green: 600lm   Blue: 160lm
Input VoltageDC12-24V
Power Factor>0.95
Operating Temperature-30°C~50°C
Storage Temperature-30°C~65°C
Color Rendering Index>80
Light Distribution CurveRound Optical Spot
Lighting Angle360 degree
Color TemperatureGreen: 510-570nm; Blue: 380-495nm;
White: 3,000-10,000K
IP RatingIP68
Product Size(Φ*L) (mm)30*180
N.W (g) 480


12V Blue Night Boat Attract Squid Fish 180 LED Underwater Fishing Light   Instructions:

Put the light into the net underwater, then light it up.

Connection and notes:

1. 8W-90W LED fishing lights are low input voltage only with DC12-24V. Usually connect with battery.

For high input voltage, please use transformers to down to 12V-24V

2. The red clip should be connected to the anode, the black one connected to the cathode. (see below)

3. LED fishing light only use in water.

4. Plase keep the lamp in water a few minutes after power off, so that the heat dissipated. And the lamp

life will be longer

5. 90W solar LED fishing light is able to powered by battery as well as solar plate. Alligator clips is for

battery and the 2 pcs wires is for solar plate. Do not connect the wires with battery otherwise the

driver will burn out.

12V Blue Night Boat Attract Squid Fish 180 LED Underwater Fishing Light   Details :
1. 12V underwater lights attract different fish and other species.
2. 1000,000 Hours of continuous use
3. 5 Sided LED Fishing Light (360 degree view)
4. Can be used both in fresh water and salty water.
5. SMD Super Bright LED Lights, >100 lumens brightness
6. IP68 waterproof design for underwater fishing
7. Underwater and good Fishing Light for catching baits and squids.
8. Heavy Duty 6M Power Cord with battery clips.
9. 11Watts, 0.9 amp draw, 1080 lumens brightness, ultra-low battery consumption (runs 8 X Longer than halogen)

12V Blue Night Boat Attract Squid Fish 180 LED Underwater Fishing Light   

Fishery: to promote the hatchery and growth of the fish
Fishing: installed on the boat to attract the fishes when fishing in the sea
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LED Advantages Include:

Long-lasting - LED bulbs lastup to 10 times as long as compact fluorescent lights, and far longer thantypical incandescent light bulbs you are use to using.

Durable - Since LEDs donot have a filament, they are not damaged under circumstances when a regularincandescent bulb would be broken. Because they are solid, LED bulbs hold upwell to jarring and bumping.

More Efficient - LED light bulbsuse only 6-36 watts of electricity(1/3rd to 1/30th of Incandescent or CFL). 

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