LED lights are not lit cause
Dec 30, 2016

1.LED flexible led Strip packaging protection is not perfect, cause led by the impact damage during transport.

2.LED flexible led Strip welding point virtual welding phenomena, vibrations caused during transport solder off and the led lights are not lit.

3.LED flexible led strips less solder, solder come off easily

4.LED flexible led Strip poor quality solder, LED flexible led strips in the bending process of welding point prone to cracking, loss

5.LED flexible led strips installed bending angle is too large, resulting in flexible LED lamp with lead solder and copper apart is not lit

6.LED flexible led Strip installation excessive extrusion products, led LED flexible led Strip deformation of solder joints of chip is damaged or fall off without

7.LED flexible led Strip circuit board solder mask layers too thick, welding solder and circuit board does not fully come together, but also a cold solder joint.

8.LED flexible led Strip cannot be distorted when it is installed, if twisted will cause the LED flexible light with the solder off and the led is not lit.

9. static burn, because the LED is static sensitive components, without proper ESD protection measures, it will cause chips to burn out.